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Buy and sell items from other LEOs.

11 months ago

Topic: FS: mixed Police Badges for active or ret. Officers only !

By: motorcopT11

316 1700

This board is for discussions on topics and issues faced by LEOs who are serving in active duty in the War on Terror.

over 2 years ago

Topic: Vigilance

By: csiguy

165 2166

General discussions about any topic of interest. Keep it clean. Only verified LEOs can access this section of the Locker Room.

11 months ago

Topic: We are seeing an increase in contacts with the Sovereign Citizens Groups in Colorado.

By: TheSarge

450 7913

General discussions about any topic of interest. Keep it clean. This section of the Locker Room is open to the public.

about 1 year ago

Topic: Another Game!

By: LanaNJ

2783 89574

Discuss second jobs, off duty carry, or just talk about what you like to do for fun while not on duty.

about 1 year ago

Topic: Off Duty Weapon

By: Jkaz232

1193 23177

A discussion board for spouses, children, parents, or siblings of an LEO.

11 months ago

Topic: First time as a Deputy Sheriff's girlfriend

By: DZickmund

308 4742

about 2 years ago

Topic: George Washington - King?

By: MarlyB

18 298

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