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A place to discuss general topics in law enforcement.

4 months ago

Topic: New Taser Law

By: StrykerBrig21

638 6787

Topics related to issues in airport law enforcement.

10 months ago

Topic: Shotgun shells carried onto Dallas-bound plane undetected

By: klamm143

16 319

Topics for college / university, school, hospital and other types of campus policing.

almost 3 years ago

Topic: Weapons Authorized?

By: TreeHugger719

39 556

Topics and discussions for dispatchers and communications personnel.

9 months ago

Topic: How to be a better dispatcher

By: StrykerBrig21

213 3313

Topics on conservation, parks, wildlife and humane law enforcement.

about 1 year ago

Topic: You have the right to remain silent...street versions

By: Mrbdguard

22 270

A forum for corrections officers, detention, parole and probation officers to discuss corrections related issues.

7 months ago

Topic: Lake County Correctional Officer Study Guidean

By: deaflo

261 3625

Topics related to federal law enforcement - 1811, 0083 and similar series.

about 3 years ago

Topic: Drone Authority

By: Cedardale

87 552

Topics for policing issues on military installations.

about 1 year ago

Topic: Marine MOS 5811, MP

By: Clue4444

166 1681

Topics for officers involved in protecting government assets, facilities, and personnel (ie, capitol police, etc.)

about 1 year ago

Topic: Question

By: MarlyB

20 162

This board is for the discussion of topics specific to special units such as K9, SWAT, Dive Team, etc.

8 months ago

Topic: Special victims unit

By: klamm143

343 3018

Topics related to state police and highway patrol issues.

4 months ago

Topic: CHP Folk. Academy Academics

By: MikeMatsui12

74 801

Topics related to transit and railroad policing.

11 months ago


By: klamm143

22 109

Topics for other types of law enforcement agencies.

7 months ago

Topic: What year did you join the police force?

By: klamm143

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