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A place to discuss general topics in law enforcement.

8 months ago

Topic: Target on our backs

By: schultzy04

626 6675

Topics related to issues in airport law enforcement.

about 3 years ago


By: LG1920

15 309

Topics for college / university, school, hospital and other types of campus policing.

almost 2 years ago

Topic: Weapons Authorized?

By: TreeHugger719

39 556

Topics and discussions for dispatchers and communications personnel.

8 months ago

Topic: New 911 texting service may have saved victim's life

By: Jkaz232

211 3304

Topics on conservation, parks, wildlife and humane law enforcement.

7 months ago

Topic: i have a question

By: gudercop

22 268

A forum for corrections officers, detention, parole and probation officers to discuss corrections related issues.

8 months ago

Topic: Assault by inmate

By: TammyJo98

251 3489

Topics related to federal law enforcement - 1811, 0083 and similar series.

about 2 years ago

Topic: Drone Authority

By: Cedardale

84 545

Topics for policing issues on military installations.

7 months ago

Topic: Cooperation between Military and Law Enforcment

By: SE851

165 1680

Topics for officers involved in protecting government assets, facilities, and personnel (ie, capitol police, etc.)

almost 2 years ago

Topic: Dept of State, Security Specialist jobs?

By: uncledennis1

19 139

This board is for the discussion of topics specific to special units such as K9, SWAT, Dive Team, etc.

10 months ago

Topic: Stolen Honda 2012 in DC, PG County, MD

By: SafetyCompromised

342 3010

Topics related to state police and highway patrol issues.

11 months ago

Topic: Applying to the Washington State Patrol soon.

By: uncledennis1

72 799

Topics related to transit and railroad policing.

about 3 years ago

Topic: Any information of Norfolk Southern Police Positions

By: uncledennis1

22 106

Topics for other types of law enforcement agencies.

9 months ago

Topic: Laws regarding out of state expired tags and penalties

By: klamm143

95 901

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