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Bicycle and Video Recording
Rate This esjastad 1 85

4 months ago

By: 36TR

Physical/Medical Exam
Rate This lynmacjay 0 47

4 months ago

By: lynmacjay

False Arrest, Perjury & Spoliation of Evidence
Rate This legalmom 4 75

5 months ago

By: schultzy04

Ohio state patrol
Rate This Haroldmcc11 3 123

7 months ago

By: 36TR

CHP Folk. Academy Academics
Rate This MikeMatsui12 0 215

about 1 year ago

By: MikeMatsui12

PL EXCLUSIVE: N.J. trooper unions sue Christie over shortchanged pension payment in proposed 2016 state budget
Rate This LanaNJ 2 345

almost 2 years ago

By: Irishcop1961

Applying to the Washington State Patrol soon.
Rate This shoffmanssd 7 954

almost 2 years ago

By: SkoolCop

help looking for a role model to help guide me threw the right path
Rate This vivaxlove 1 305

about 2 years ago

By: Beowulf_7

Military to Kentucky State Police
Rate This FutureTrooper21 13 3161

about 2 years ago

By: uncledennis1

Manhunt For Eric Frein Continues, Causes Poconos Schools To Close
+3 LanaNJ 22 742

over 2 years ago

By: BrooklynAux

Placement and relocation process
Rate This Zmh93 10 364

over 2 years ago

By: gudercop

Whats the best advice to give to an College student who is seeking a career in the Criminal Justice Field
Rate This ballonbubbles 20 1351

over 2 years ago

By: PeerlessManso

Georgia State Trooper
Rate This 1981chevy 3 673

almost 3 years ago

By: klamm143

State Police Gun and Magazine confiscation
Rate This Mongo1 0 461

almost 3 years ago

By: Mongo1

18 wheelers, guns, and the DOT
Rate This Thomas281 40 42776

about 3 years ago

By: rypete

FHP Physical Abilities Test
Rate This DBolden696 19 6290

about 3 years ago

By: Lulusgt

Arizona DPS
Rate This celica860 2 483

over 3 years ago

By: celica860

A question to any Trooper
Rate This Demmmi 11 717

over 3 years ago

By: SE851

Alaska State Police?
Rate This Afzoomie67 5 628

over 3 years ago

By: Afzoomie67

Background Investigation questions
Rate This rangerdroid 8 1713

over 3 years ago

By: Sanchoy

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