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For anyone who is, has been or is thinking about joining the military police force, including U.S. Navy Police (Master-At-Arms), U.S. Army Military Police, U.S.M.C. Military Police, U.S.A.F. Security Police, U.S.C.G. Law Enforcement and anyone who is Pro

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1982 army basic grads from Ft McClellan
Rate This DARN_IT_ANDY 12 1401

about 2 years ago

By: dptydawg02

Where were/are you stationed?
+2 mpd_943 152 11923

almost 3 years ago

By: oldsple

Poll: New US military sidearm
Rate This AussieCommander 17 811

over 3 years ago


545th MP Co (1st Cav)
Rate This Scjohnk 0 383

about 4 years ago

By: Scjohnk

highest DUI ever!!!!
Rate This milcop2401 21 3384

about 4 years ago

By: Deefuzzz

New Group for Fort Bragg NC MPs, DACP, and surrounding area Civilian LEOs
Rate This Scjohnk 0 367

about 4 years ago

By: Scjohnk

What made you become a MP officer?
Rate This setsuna 2 349

over 4 years ago

By: setsuna

814 MP co 1978 to 1982
Rate This dmr0822 0 373

about 5 years ago

By: dmr0822

Any MCB Quantico cops in here???
Rate This TreeHugger719 1 276

about 5 years ago

By: lglyspkng

Prayers for Military
Rate This heavenbound 0 409

over 5 years ago

By: heavenbound

Rate This Anonymous 0 264

almost 6 years ago

By: Anonymous

Rate This navy_cop 2 704

over 6 years ago


AZ DPS Officer killed is a former Navy Cop
Rate This navy_cop 0 813

over 6 years ago

By: navy_cop

Fort Hood
Rate This Elite1grey 2 280

over 6 years ago

By: Forrest108

International Dignitary Protection Summit
Rate This WhiteFeather 0 257

almost 7 years ago

By: WhiteFeather

1st Lt. Joseph D. Helton
Rate This JETT5056 0 249

almost 7 years ago

By: JETT5056

Rate This JETT5056 0 660

almost 8 years ago

By: JETT5056

Happy 4th of July 2009
Rate This mpd_943 0 177

about 7 years ago

By: mpd_943

Summit Survey
Rate This WhiteFeather 0 228

about 7 years ago

By: WhiteFeather

Military Police Customs Units
Rate This CustomsMP 0 290

over 7 years ago

By: CustomsMP

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