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Probation Officer
Rate This ltorres1130 0 61

15 days ago

By: ltorres1130

Assault by inmate
Rate This TammyJo98 4 135

about 1 month ago

By: TammyJo98

Probation Violation
Rate This dctillery 2 191

3 months ago

By: uncledennis1

Antidepressants and hiring
Rate This jaimehopes 3 155

3 months ago

By: Cat_D

early termanation of probation
Rate This Missingmydaughter 7 280

4 months ago

By: Cat_D

Alcohol in the house with a child on parole
-1 mwhite949 4 274

7 months ago

By: mwhite949

Any South Carolina probation officers here ?
Rate This Kingsimon6171 5 267

8 months ago

By: uncledennis1

Any Florida Probation Officers here?
Rate This disturbedjosh 0 156

8 months ago

By: disturbedjosh

Question For Probation Officers
-3 InvalidUsername 14 835

8 months ago

By: jar6489

Poll: Need help
-7 merari8485 14 259

9 months ago

By: Irishcop1961

Am I to small to become a detention officer?
Rate This Astur 19 1081

10 months ago

By: uspo_estrada

Not a good time to be in Corrections
Rate This Riot 44 1910

10 months ago

By: steven31963

any co's thinking about becoming police officers
Rate This benjaminsanders3 2 395

11 months ago

By: jac1991

Rate This Nianna 8 411

12 months ago

By: Cat_D

Correctional Officer looking for a new position in the Vermont area
Rate This IDEALIST 2 179

about 1 year ago


if i mess up and smoke a couple hits of weed should i tell me p.o. straight up
Rate This posthxc1982 51 2033

about 1 year ago

By: 36TR

Rate This Midnite_Mikey 13 4042

over 1 year ago

By: SkoolCop

Too late for a LE career
+1 Mickey75 14 652

over 1 year ago

By: Gronked

p.o. meeting at the police station, why there???
Rate This sicilienne 13 502

over 1 year ago

By: Anonymous

Inmate knocks Wisc CO out with one punch
Rate This nracfi 0 223

over 1 year ago

By: nracfi

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