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Officer Safety: Read before posting.
+2 TheSarge 0 1001

over 6 years ago

By: TheSarge

Boyfriend in the academy
Rate This Tbase21 3 83

29 days ago

By: Irishcop1961

Single parent
Rate This enya94 9 141

30 days ago

By: SkoolCop

Hug your kids
Rate This radarboy 7 197

about 1 month ago

By: Irishcop1961

Mom trying to understand daughter relationship with national police office in Spain
Rate This JinxC 0 147

3 months ago

By: JinxC

Dating someone in LE
+1 Anonymous 30 4131

8 months ago

By: migyung

Poll: Want to Taser him.
Rate This ChrissyK8 12 491

9 months ago

By: Cedardale

Police Academy
Rate This ange14 7 278

10 months ago

By: SE851

First time as a Deputy Sheriff's girlfriend
Rate This DeputysGal 18 577

11 months ago

By: SE851

Rate This Anonymous 36 834

11 months ago

By: Cedardale

Hiding behind the excuse "It's part of the life" ?
Rate This lovemyhusband 11 366

12 months ago

By: SkoolCop

Advice for a new girlfriend of an Officer!
-1 Anonymous 27 2522

about 1 year ago

By: MarlyB

My boyfriend just got into the police academy
Rate This Anonymous 12 1445

about 1 year ago

By: 36TR

Aspiring Police Officer and Father. Can you do both in this line of work?
Rate This riosj 15 790

about 1 year ago

By: spoc

Emotional Toll
Rate This wakeme007 21 558

about 1 year ago

By: SkoolCop

As a Police officer how much free time would you have available?
Rate This riosj 6 2446

over 1 year ago

By: Anonymous

Looking at getting my Master's degree in Criminal Justice
Rate This riosj 6 963

over 1 year ago


How do you survive being a police family?
+1 bpdwife 15 4076

over 1 year ago

By: confusedPDwife

Get unique gifts for your father this time
Rate This Gonzalezc 13 1148

over 1 year ago

By: KCecala

Boyfriend becoming a LEO
Rate This alexis5750 17 1155

almost 2 years ago

By: Cat_D

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