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Do You Wanna Know Who Can Tell You Can Be A Cop or Not?
+18 Anonymous 34 5247

about 1 year ago

By: SE851

Axe-ing Works!
+6 HannahClai 25 1642

almost 3 years ago

By: schultzy04

Officer Safety: Read before posting.
+19 TheSarge 0 2438

over 7 years ago

By: TheSarge

Is it realistic to pursue a career in law enforcement if I am female and 30 yrs old?
Rate This salsedo 13 142

about 1 hour ago

By: klamm143

Seeking Advice
-2 CPazdell 24 238

about 24 hours ago

By: klamm143

Rate This rose24 5 73

1 day ago

By: TheSarge

Raw Footage (ameteur video) and ariel photos of the E5Tornado that touched down in Moore, OK-Gov. Fallin declares STATE OF EMERGENCY
Rate This LanaNJ 7 47

4 days ago

By: Irishcop1961

Being Black balled by former Police Dept.
Rate This shaun_hiley 17 1282

12 days ago

By: Jonas

Applied to APD last week
Rate This Herbie22 9 174

12 days ago

By: ablack22112

Rate This Anonymous 2 35

16 days ago

By: uncledennis1

Generally, How long is the hiring process and what is involved for a Corrections Officer.
Rate This grandpa2390 5 64

20 days ago

By: uncledennis1

Am I disqualified from joining a PD?
-5 Sum45 34 507

28 days ago

By: Irishcop1961

Broward sheriff office oral interview
Rate This Beast101 4 96

29 days ago

By: Beast101

Am I qualified
-2 Jppd4897 5 142

29 days ago

By: klamm143

Seeking opportunities
-1 HalJen 6 143

30 days ago

By: LadyG

I made it!!!
+7 IowaNinersFan 46 899

about 1 month ago

By: Cedardale

Please help guys!
-4 Anonymous 24 283

about 1 month ago

By: klamm143

a different type of polygraph question
Rate This jakeh9 2 109

about 1 month ago

By: jakeh9

My eye sight and a career in Law Enforcement.
Rate This whatifiwerewill 2 111

about 1 month ago

By: Irishcop1961

Background Investigation
Rate This Suburban 10 263

2 months ago

By: Suburban

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