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If you're new to PoliceLink, make your first introductory post here. Say who you are (active, retired, former, future LEO, supporter, civilian employee, etc.) and give a little background.

4 months ago

Topic: New to this Link

By: LadyG

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This is a place for citizens and LEOs to interact, engage in dialogue, and promote community relations. Civilians: Please feel free to ask and answer questions, however, under no circumstances should you impersonate a police officer or show disrespecct towards law enforcement.

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Talk about the good gear, the bad gear, and the new gear.

4 months ago

Topic: Duty Boots

By: MaxVirtus

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Talk about issues in policing and criminal justice on this board. This board is open to the public.

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Looking to move from one department to another? Or are you looking to become an LEO for the first time? Join these discussions to learn how to advance your law enforcement career.

4 months ago

Topic: I passed all the polygraph questions except one.

By: SE851

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Discuss incidents in which officers have been killed or injured in the line of duty. Learn from past incidents to keep safe in the future.

4 months ago

Topic: Urgent Prayer Request, Injured NYSP Trooper

By: denise65

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A forum to discuss the latest law enforcement training trends in tactics, concepts, courses, and equipment.

5 months ago

Topic: Officer Safety Update

By: uncledennis1

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Law Enforcement Specialties

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A place to discuss general topics in law enforcement.

5 months ago

Topic: question criminal GPS use

By: Zorbacop

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Topics related to issues in airport law enforcement.

over 2 years ago


By: LG1920

14 298

Topics for college / university, school, hospital and other types of campus policing.

10 months ago

Topic: Weapons Authorized?

By: TreeHugger719

38 550

Topics and discussions for dispatchers and communications personnel.

5 months ago

Topic: Dispatcher Poem

By: tom_ann

208 3272

Topics on conservation, parks, wildlife and humane law enforcement.

8 months ago

Topic: Need assistance


20 253

A forum for corrections officers, detention, parole and probation officers to discuss corrections related issues.

4 months ago

Topic: Am I to small to become a detention officer?

By: uspo_estrada

237 3301

Topics related to federal law enforcement - 1811, 0083 and similar series.

about 1 year ago

Topic: Drone Authority

By: Cedardale

82 539

Topics for policing issues on military installations.

4 months ago

Topic: Civilian vs Military Justice System: How do they compare?

By: snhadley

160 1639

Topics for officers involved in protecting government assets, facilities, and personnel (ie, capitol police, etc.)

11 months ago

Topic: Dept of State, Security Specialist jobs?

By: uncledennis1

18 120

This board is for the discussion of topics specific to special units such as K9, SWAT, Dive Team, etc.

4 months ago

Topic: Marine Patrol

By: TheSarge

338 2966

Topics related to state police and highway patrol issues.

4 months ago

Topic: FHP Physical Abilities Test

By: Lulusgt

66 740

Topics related to transit and railroad policing.

about 2 years ago

Topic: Any information of Norfolk Southern Police Positions

By: uncledennis1

21 103

Topics for other types of law enforcement agencies.

about 1 year ago

Topic: feelings on National Guard/reserve military police

By: TreeHugger719

92 844

Law Enforcement Collector's Corner

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Looking to trade patches? Post your trade list or want list, and connect with other traders.

4 months ago

Topic: Patch Trade

By: uncledennis1

549 2285

Looking to trade, buy or sell badges? Connect with other badge collectors.

7 months ago

Topic: Wanted: OREGON and OLD Generic badges/patches

By: Coose

198 892

Connect with others who collect Road Champs, model cars, lapel pins, challenge coins, or anything else law enforcement related.

5 months ago

Topic: police biker helmet

By: TheSarge

201 1522

Off Duty Forums

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Buy and sell items from other LEOs.

312 1669

This board is for discussions on topics and issues faced by LEOs who are serving in active duty in the War on Terror.

12 months ago

Topic: Vigilance

By: csiguy

165 2165

General discussions about any topic of interest. Keep it clean. Only verified LEOs can access this section of the Locker Room.

4 months ago

Topic: Message to all LEO

By: Jkaz232

437 7742

General discussions about any topic of interest. Keep it clean. This section of the Locker Room is open to the public.

4 months ago

Topic: Oh Crud!!!!!!! Just plain Crud.

By: gudercop

2780 89455

Discuss second jobs, off duty carry, or just talk about what you like to do for fun while not on duty.

5 months ago

Topic: You Know You're in the Boon-Docks When....

By: MAYES969

1190 23149

A discussion board for spouses, children, parents, or siblings of an LEO.

4 months ago

Topic: Dating someone in LE

By: migyung

297 4560

10 months ago

Topic: George Washington - King?

By: MarlyB

17 293

Non-LEO Forums

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This discussion board is open to all non-sworn personnel. Sworn LEOs are welcome to visit.

4 months ago

Topic: Radio call overcalls

By: Lulusgt

159 2236

Topics related to public and private security.

11 months ago

Topic: LP/AP Advicefc

By: Civilian_Lookout

119 2098

PoliceLink Feedback & Feature Requests

Last Post Topics Posts

A daily roll call from TheSarge for news and updates regarding the PoliceLink forums.

4 months ago

Topic: 12-10-13: The Westjet Christmas Miracle.


136 8111

Attention all PoliceLink members and visitors: We're interested in hearing your feedback. Please use the boards in this category to let us know what sort of features you want and to leave other suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

5 months ago

Topic: Getting Verified/Restricted Access

By: Spectre3

432 6829

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