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police officer Career Profile: SWAT Team

Job Description

SWAT Operators are trained specialists who resolve high-risk tactical situations. A SWAT member’s special training and flexibility allow the SWAT team to tackle hostage situations, high-risk warrant service operations, search and rescue operations, tactical waterborne operations, covert and undercover tactical operations, special circumstances such as crowd control and rural searches and many other high-risk circumstances. The SWAT team is often some of the most highly trained unit of a police department.

Median Salary


Education Requirements

Generally, SWAT Operators must have three years minimum experience in their respective department. While it is not necessary for SWAT operators to have an advanced education degree, it has become increasingly popular important to obtain a two or four year degree in criminal justice. SWAT operators also are involved in advanced training which includes everything from sniper/counter-sniper operations to helicopter insertion techniques.

Job Outlook

SWAT job outlook differs from department to department; however, there is a national projected need for 243,000 more police officers, including SWAT operators, ending in the year 2016.

Would You Pass the Police Exam?

  • 1.

    Instructions: Read the notes from a call for police service. Pick the answer that most correctly represents the information.

    Notes: Responded to domestic at 100 Main Street. Spoke with victim Jane Jones. Observed visible injury laceration on Jane Jones’ right forearm. Jones refused to cooperate.

Do Law Enforcement Officers Need College Degrees?
ProfileIn an extremely competitive hiring environment, having a degree will greatly increase your chances of getting hired as a law enforcement officers. In fact, many agencies now require one. Learn about degree programs here.

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