Stew Smith, CSCS
Stew Smith is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Navy SEAL, and author of several fitness and self defense books such as The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness , Maximum Fitness , and SWAT Workout .

Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and as military fitness trainer, Stew has trained hundreds of students for Navy SEAL, Special Forces, SWAT, FBI, ERT and many other law enforcement professions.
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Getting Back Into Running After Injury or Long Time Not Running

Getting into a running program after an injury or just starting running for the first time ever or many years is very tough. For one, the joints, soft tissues, and bones can all be injured by common “overuse” injuries. Too much running, too soon, too fast, and too long can in any combination put you in the hurt locker and unable to run – even walk if you are not careful. Listen to the body. Continue

Upper and Lower Body Workouts Using Super-Set / Pyramid Methods

Many people like to do calisthenics based workouts using pyramids and super set routines. In fact, with the right mix of exercises you can create a perfect workout that balances the entire body. I love to do pyramids and super set workouts. In fact, they are a great foundation builder as well as a proven maintenance method for calisthenics based programs. Continue

Think You're Tough? Train Like a Cop

Law enforcement is a physically demanding job that requires officers to always be in peak physical condition. Former Navy Seal and fitness expert, Stew Smith, CSCS, has joined forces with PoliceLink to offer its members fitness tips and tricks, diets, PFT information and workout routines. Continue

Cardio Exercise and Resistance Exercise: Which to do First?

If you are like a majority of the people who exercise regularly, often the question of what do you do first – Cardio workouts (Running, swimming, biking, cardio machines at the gym) or Resistance training workouts (lift weights or PT) is discussed.

This article will further discuss that question on several different levels. Continue

Surefire Strategy For Beating Physical Fitness Test Fatigue

How many of you have taken a physical fitness test (PFT) and did not score as well as you have in the past during your own workouts? Often by the end of a PFT, you will be fatigued and the last cardio test will be slower than normal workouts scores. Once I realized you need to have a strategy for taking the PFT, my scores started improving. Of course, I was doing more PFTs in the order of the test I was about to take, so I am sure getting in better shape helped with my PFT stamina. Continue

Situp and Curlup Tips

This week’s article deals with a portion of the physical fitness test found in every branch of service and law enforcement agency. This is one element of the test that many people either barely pass or just fail. The sit-up or curl-up is also the easiest exercise to score maximum points for, but you must practice this exercise several times a week to reach that achievement. Continue

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The Fastest 2x2x2 Drill on the Planet

Well, it might not be…but it sure is one of the fastest bits of shooting I’ve ever seen. [gate] I ran across this video this weekend to pick up some tips on shooting drills and was blown away at how fast Kyle Lamb can push lead through these targets. Kit Up! readers might remember my attempt at this drill last year at ITI and it was pathetic (especially since my boss beat me as well). But Lamb has the money quote in this one where he says “taking out three dudes in ... Full Story