This quiz is designed to give you an idea of the types of questions posed by law enforcement agency hiring oral boards. Bear in mind that while the specific questions and methods can vary widely from agency to agency, the general principles tend to hold true in most settings. Take the Quiz!

Oral boards are the key to getting hired. As a police academy manager and former police chief, I have seen countless applicants bomb their oral hiring board when they were otherwise good candidates...Read the guide!

The image you present in your Police Oral Board Interview is one of the most important elements to consider in any preparations you undertake. The most positive image to present is one that displays character...Read the guide!

It is a good idea to practice your oral board answers, but what tools can you use to do that and what tools give you an edge? A video camera is a great tool. You need to see how you look to other people......Read the guide!

My last Law Enforcement Career Expert column for covered ten tips for mastering the police oral board. This column covers how to answer the questions themselves......Read the guide!

My goal in posting this information is to help those reading these lines to realize the dream they have about becoming a Law Enforcement Officer...Read the guide!