John C. Ricke
A 13-year veteran, John C. Ricke served for five years with the United States Marine Corps as part of the security detail in the Presidential Helicopter Squadron.
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From Military to Police: Are You Ready?

Are you nearing the end of your military service contract/career and considering a new career in law enforcement? Police Officers and Military Personnel are a special breed of people. Our chosen careers are a huge part of our lives and our co-workers are more like brothers and sisters. Our very lives are often placed in each others hands. Continue

10 Things I Learned In the Military I Use on the Street

The lieutenantís rank is generally the first step where manager responsibilities have been added to the job description. As an officer, deputy, or trooper you conquered the challenges of getting the job done; as a sergeant you are responsible for assuring the quality of the work performed by the frontline officers; as a lieutenant you will be facing the business challenges of law enforcement. Continue

The Fastest 2x2x2 Drill on the Planet

Well, it might not be…but it sure is one of the fastest bits of shooting I’ve ever seen. [gate] I ran across this video this weekend to pick up some tips on shooting drills and was blown away at how fast Kyle Lamb can push lead through these targets. Kit Up! readers might remember my attempt at this drill last year at ITI and it was pathetic (especially since my boss beat me as well). But Lamb has the money quote in this one where he says “taking out three dudes in ... Full Story