Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith
Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith is a 29-year veteran of a large Chicago suburban police department and has held positions in patrol, investigations, narcotics, juvenile, crime prevention, hostage negotiation and field training. As a sergeant, she supervised her department’s K-9 Unit, served as a field training sergeant, recruitment team sergeant, bike patrol coordinator, and supervisor of the Community Education/Crime Prevention Unit. As a patrol sergeant, Betsy served on the Elderly Services Team, the Crisis Intervention Team, and as a supervisory member of the Honor Guard.
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Ten Common Ways to NOT Get Hired

You don't really want to be a cop, do you? Fighting crime, saving lives, big guns, fast cars, a cool uniform, hot calls; that stuff’s not for you. The hours are long, the gratitude is short-lived, and there may occasionally be people trying to kill you when you’re just trying to make a living and do a little good. Continue

Taking the Mystery Out of the Polygraph Test

A polygraph exam is often a "make or break" part of the police testing process, but it's often difficult to prepare for and even understand. As Richard Nixon said "I don’t know anything about lie detectors other than they scare the hell out of people!" Polygraph testing is used far more in government pre-employment processes than in the private sector. Continue

Surviving the Police Background Investigation

Once you've passed the written test, the oral interview, the physical agility test, and you’ve successfully jumped through a few other hoops, you’re probably ready for the background investigation. How ironic that part of the process to become a crime fighter is to be investigated by one! Continue

Emailing, Texting, Social Networking and Other Ways to Screw Up Your Career

Twelve years ago I got my first departmental email address and thought it was the coolest and most comprehensive electronic communication tool that I would ever use or need. I also assumed it was completely private, belonged only to me and that when I hit "delete" it went away forever. For an oldster who was born prior to 1960, I’ve learned an awful lot since then. Continue

A Rookie's Guide to Failing Field Training

"Forget everything you learned in the academy" At least one veteran officer is going to say this to you as you begin your FTO program. And you know, they’re probably right! All those weeks you spent learning about tactics, law, procedure, etc. from that dedicated cadre of police trainers? Forget it all! Continue

Paying Your Dues in Police Work

Many cops start out with big dreams and even bigger ambitions. I wanted to be the first female chief of my agency. I wanted to be a K-9 officer, a narc, a detective, and a manager too, but it never occurred to me that any of that would happen without a lot of hard work, plenty of advanced training and many years in patrol.Continue

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The Fastest 2x2x2 Drill on the Planet

Well, it might not be…but it sure is one of the fastest bits of shooting I’ve ever seen. [gate] I ran across this video this weekend to pick up some tips on shooting drills and was blown away at how fast Kyle Lamb can push lead through these targets. Kit Up! readers might remember my attempt at this drill last year at ITI and it was pathetic (especially since my boss beat me as well). But Lamb has the money quote in this one where he says “taking out three dudes in ... Full Story