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Irishcop1961 commented on: "Calif. Prison Officials Search For Missing Inmate".

"Well when is caught, I guess his release date will be pushed back."

Irishcop1961 commented on: "Palmdale Girl, 16, Dies After Suspected DUI Driver Slams ...".

"Rest in Peace Giselle. My thoights and prayers are with the Mendoza family. Hope the mutt spends a long time behind bars."

Irishcop1961 gave a thumbs up to The Article "TPD graduates 68 new officers".
Irishcop1961 commented on: "TPD graduates 68 new officers".

"Congrats to all and BE SAFE."

Irishcop1961 commented on: "Boy, 16, stows away in wheel well of flight from San Jose...".

"Now this is one lucky kid."

dptydawg02 posted in: "Interview questions about being a police officer".

Bump 36TR & uncledennis1

Diaz22 commented on: "Viper5728".

"Hey Cowboy, this week is gonna be nuts. Have 5 games, you should come by if you ain't busy. Got a new toy. Wanna go shooting?"

cakdep1 gave a thumbs up to The Article "TPD graduates 68 new officers".
cakdep1 submitted the article: "TPD graduates 68 new officers".
MaxVirtus commented on: "Pot holiday goes mainstream in Colorado: Tens of thousand...".

"We allowed prayer to be taken out of public schools and now we are allowing the legalization of marijuana?!?!.... when it comes to the dumbing down..."


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