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shikahgho posted in: "3 Word Response".

Shake and Pop

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mcjnikki1 received the quiz result of "You did not receive a passing score".
IowaNinersFan gave a thumbs down to The Article "NOPD officer suspended, charged with sex crimes".
IowaNinersFan commented on: "NOPD officer suspended, charged with sex crimes".

"Sad way to end a career."

IowaNinersFan commented on: "Three men charged in $25,000 vandalism spree in Roselle".

"Glad they were caught. "

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"Thanks for the Foto. We wish you a nice and great Day and Week. be Careful. Talk to you later."

IowaNinersFan commented on: "Dog hero helps Boulder police arrest burglary suspect".

"Two paws up for Squid. "


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