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    Part 1 - So You Wanna Be a Cop...

    My goal in posting this information is to help those reading these lines to realize the dream they have about becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. I do not claim to be an expert, but after thirty years on the job I believe that at least some of the ideas and suggestions I'm passing along may be helpful in your quest. I've ...
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    Part 2 - Starting the Process

    First, do yourself a favor start a "background investigation" on yourself. Go to your local motor vehicle administration and obtain a copy of your driving transcript. Hopefully you won't have any serious violations such as reckless driving, DUI/DWI because violations such as these may have an adverse affect. Look over the record carefully for any incorrect information and if you find ...
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    Part 3 - The Application

    First, and this is quite obvious, go to the agency or agencies you're interested in applying and obtain an application. Please do yourself a favor, ask for more than one preferably three application forms. If you make mistakes and you only have one you're going to feel very foolish when you have to go back and ask for another. Don't use ...
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    Part 4 - The Written Pre-Employment Examination

    Many agencies large and small have some form of a pre-employment examination with questions that cover a variety of topics. I have taken many different types of pre-employment examinations and the questions differ from agency to agency. Some are based on Civil Service examinations others are made up from questions from the International Association of Chiefs of Police and still others ...
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    Part 5 - The Physical Agility Test

    Just about every agency I have had dealings with in my career has both a physical agility test and a physical fitness program. In this line of work you have to maintain a high level of physical fitness as a means of self-preservation! Officer survival depends on you and your commitment to being physically able to handle the dangers of the ...
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    Part 6 - The Pre-Employment Interview

    _To repeat myself I have no way of knowing what questions may be put to you in a pre-employment interview just like the application. I can only pass along pointers to help you get through the interview as best you can. The "oral" as so many people call it causes the most stress of any phase of the application process. Without ...
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    Part 7 - The Polygraph Examination

    The polygraph or lie detector examination is right up there in anxiety levels as the pre-employment interview. All kinds of questions roll around in the applicant's head as to what the polygraph examiner might ask. When I took the very first polygraph I felt the same way. I had visions of the examiner going all the way back deep into my ...
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    Part 8 - The Physical Examination

    Physicals vary from agency to agency and doctor-to-doctor so this topic is a little more complex than the others. I know the physician's office our agency uses has a questionnaire you must complete which is quite extensive in scope. I'm sure at this phase of the process you will face a battery of medical questions involving you personally and members of ...
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    Part 9 - Psychologocial Exam, Background Check, and the Final Interview

    h4. The Psychological Examination In this phase of the application process you are asked to take a psychological examination conducted by a trained and licensed clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. Obviously the agency is trying to determine if you are mentally fit for the duties required of a Law Enforcement Officer. This is an important part of the application process because ...
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    The Job - Epilogue

    h4. The Job I thought long and hard before I decided to add this section to my article, but I feel that I must to protect future Law Enforcement Officers from the pain and anguish that so many men and women in this and other professions of high stress experience. The beast that can rear its ugly head is called Post ...
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    Avoid the Top 10 Rookie Mistakes

    After riding with your FTO for a few weeks you’ll be cut loose on your own. In larger departments you may have a partner, but usually you will be riding solo. Here are some tips to get a solid footing in your new career. See The List >>> [gate] [page] 10. Most situations will not be how they were described in ...
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    5 Rules For Future Cops

    5 Rules For Future Cops
    Growing up, I would always stand in awe and stare every time I saw a police officer. Whether at the mall with my parents, or seeing a squad car driving down the road, Police officers were my heroes. That dark blue uniform, with that shiny badge glistening in the sunlight displayed authority to me, it portrayed the “good guys”, that’s what ...
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