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    Rules of Engagement

    _The following is an excerpt from Paul Patti's +Confessions of a Hardass+. Designed to reveal what law enforcement managers are looking for in today's police applicant, this bestselling book provides an insider's advice on passing your law enforcement interview._ During the Police Pre-Employment Oral Interview: They question and you answer - how to handle negative information and make them score you ...
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    Eight Things You Must Know About the National Police Officer Selection Test

    _The following is an excerpt from Paul Patti's book Deadly Mistakes Police Applicants Make._ The National Police Officer Selection Test (called POST or NPOST) is gaining popularity around the nation as an entry-level written test to gauge mental skills, basic intelligence and education level in police applicants. The states of Iowa, Utah and Wyoming have mandated the use of the NPOST ...
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    16 Traits Recruiters are Looking For

    _Excerpted from the bestselling book - Confessions of a "Hardass" - An insider's advice on passing your law enforcement pre-employment interview._ When a law enforcement or corrections agency interviews you, what is really happening is that they are deciding how well you fit in with the people, the mission and the daily work environment of the organization. Each agency has aspirations ...
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    Advancement: The Deceptive Nature of the In-Basket Exercise

    Everyone who watched the ending of one of America’s favorite shows, the Sopranos, had to realize how masterfully David Chase, the creator and writer, fooled all us fans yet again. The ending was deceptive, simple yet complex, and left you wondering what the hell was really going on. I think it wasn’t Tony Soprano, but the audience who got “whacked.” That’s ...
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