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    More States to Offer Scholarships

    Four new states have been selected for participation in the State Scholars Initiative, a national business-education partnership effort designed to increase the number of students who take a rigorous curriculum in high school, the U.S. Education Department announced today. _The states are: Missouri, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Wyoming._ Under the State Scholars Initiative, each state will receive up to $300,000 ...
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    The Skinny on Student Loans

    An education loan is a form of financial aid that must be repaid, with interest. Federal law sets the maximum interest rates and fees lenders may charge for federally guaranteed loans, and nothing prevents a lender from charging lower fees. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Here are three types of education loans: ...
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    Advancing Your Education

    People of all ages are choosing to further their education by obtaining bachelors and even masters' and doctoral degrees. Many people choose to go back to school to open new doors and get ahead in their job, as well as the rest of their lives! "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Sometimes it's ...
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    Selecting the Right Degree

    Your degree choice will affect your future career opportunities and ultimate success. This compact guide will help you choose the degree that works for you. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": When making this decision, consider your current career path, future job markets, timeline and flexibility. Here are a few questions you need ...
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    Top Things to Know with Saving for College

    1. Saving for your own retirement is more important than saving for college. 2. The sooner you start saving, the better. 3. Stocks are best for your college savings portfolio. 4. You don't have to save the entire cost of four years of college. 5. With mutual funds, investing for college is simple. 6. 529 savings plans are a good way ...
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    Learn to Use Scholarships for Expenses

    Learn to use scholarships to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. While looking for money for school many servicemembers, veterans, and their families tend to overlook the over $300 million of military - and veteran - related scholarships and grants. These scholarships often go unclaimed due to the following misconceptions: "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": ...
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