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    Eight Things You Must Know About the National Police Officer Selection Test

    _The following is an excerpt from Paul Patti's book Deadly Mistakes Police Applicants Make._ The National Police Officer Selection Test (called POST or NPOST) is gaining popularity around the nation as an entry-level written test to gauge mental skills, basic intelligence and education level in police applicants. The states of Iowa, Utah and Wyoming have mandated the use of the NPOST ...
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    Rules of Engagement

    _The following is an excerpt from Paul Patti's +Confessions of a Hardass+. Designed to reveal what law enforcement managers are looking for in today's police applicant, this bestselling book provides an insider's advice on passing your law enforcement interview._ During the Police Pre-Employment Oral Interview: They question and you answer - how to handle negative information and make them score you ...
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    Learn to Use Scholarships for Expenses

    Learn to use scholarships to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. While looking for money for school many servicemembers, veterans, and their families tend to overlook the over $300 million of military - and veteran - related scholarships and grants. These scholarships often go unclaimed due to the following misconceptions: "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": ...
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    Top Things to Know with Saving for College

    1. Saving for your own retirement is more important than saving for college. 2. The sooner you start saving, the better. 3. Stocks are best for your college savings portfolio. 4. You don't have to save the entire cost of four years of college. 5. With mutual funds, investing for college is simple. 6. 529 savings plans are a good way ...
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    Selecting the Right Degree

    Your degree choice will affect your future career opportunities and ultimate success. This compact guide will help you choose the degree that works for you. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": When making this decision, consider your current career path, future job markets, timeline and flexibility. Here are a few questions you need ...
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    Advancing Your Education

    People of all ages are choosing to further their education by obtaining bachelors and even masters' and doctoral degrees. Many people choose to go back to school to open new doors and get ahead in their job, as well as the rest of their lives! "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Sometimes it's ...
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    The Skinny on Student Loans

    An education loan is a form of financial aid that must be repaid, with interest. Federal law sets the maximum interest rates and fees lenders may charge for federally guaranteed loans, and nothing prevents a lender from charging lower fees. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Here are three types of education loans: ...
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    More States to Offer Scholarships

    Four new states have been selected for participation in the State Scholars Initiative, a national business-education partnership effort designed to increase the number of students who take a rigorous curriculum in high school, the U.S. Education Department announced today. _The states are: Missouri, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Wyoming._ Under the State Scholars Initiative, each state will receive up to $300,000 ...
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    Ten Steps to Joining the Force

    Ten Steps to Joining the Force
    Your lifelong dream has been to become a police officer. But you're still not exactly sure about how to make that dream a reality. Ten Steps to Joining the Force is a comprehensive guide detailing the path you should follow - from picking a law enforcement specialty to going through the academy and completing field training - to realize your dream. ...
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    Step 1: Learn About the Law Enforcement Field

    Step 1: Learn About the Law Enforcement Field
    Many people have a preconceived notion of law enforcement based on the sensational scenes shown on the news or at the movies. But what is it really like to be a street cop? Or a federal agent? Or a conservation officer? There are hundreds of career paths within law enforcement and all are done for the love of it – not ...
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    Step 2: Decide if You're Ready

    Step 2: Decide if You're Ready
    Will you fit in? Are you old enough? Are you too old? Do you have a criminal record? Understand the basic requirements of joining a department here with: p((. • Basic eligibility requirements p((. • Reasons to join p((. • Benefits overview p((. • Law Enforcement vs. Civilian Comparison *+Basic Eligibility Requirements+* Eligibility requirement can vary from department to department. You ...
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    Step 3: Choose the Right Path

    Step 3: Choose the Right Path
    There are limitless paths you can take within law enforcement, and they all start at the same place: the street. Your first few years should give you a good idea of the direction you want to take in your career. Do you want to stay on the street the whole time? Do you want to make sergeant, lieutenant, or even chief? ...
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    Step 4: Pick an Agency and Meet the Recruiter

    Step 4: Pick an Agency and Meet the Recruiter
    You've done some research and are interested in finding out more - a lot more. Now it's time to talk with recruiters! Though it can be nerve-racking, just remember that you are under NO OBLIGATION when talking with a recruiter. However, you must be prepared and on your best behavior. Your first meeting with a recruiter has the potential for making ...
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    Step 5: Get Ready for the Exams

    Step 5: Get Ready for the Exams
    There are many companies out there that offer study guides for generic law enforcement exams. If the recruiter you spoke to recommended one over another – buy it and study it from cover to cover. The exam is often times your key into the rest of the application process. Do good, because if you’re applying with multiple agencies, you can expect ...
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    Step 6: Prepare For Your Background Check

    Step 6: Prepare For Your Background Check
    The background check may be the most invasive experience you’ve had in your life. Everything about you will be checked out. Your character, your finances, your driving and criminal records. There information here will help you prepare for the background investigation: p((. • Be honest and upfront p((. • Tell your friends and family p((. • The polygraph p((. • Security ...
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    Step 7: Get Ready for the Academy

    Step 7: Get Ready for the Academy
    Congratulations! You got hired and you’re off to the academy. There is a lot to do before you start. Here we’ll tell you about: p((. • Police academy basics p((. • How to get in shape p((. • What to bring p((. • Schedules and timelines [widget:366] +*Police academy basics*+ The police academy is an environment of high discipline intended to ...
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    Step 8: Take the Oath

    Step 8: Take the Oath
    Getting sworn in is a major accomplishment and signifies that you have met all of your agency’s high standards to become an officer. This is probably the culmination of a life long dream of serving one’s community. Here is some information read about and reflect upon now that you have become a sworn officer: p((. • Law Enforcement Oath of Honor ...
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    Step 9: Field Training

    Step 9: Field Training
    What do you do now that you’re on the street facing real criminals? Here are some tips on what to do now: p((. • Listen to and respect your FTO p((. • Ask questions *+Listen to and respect your FTO+* Directly out of the academy you will be assigned to a patrol shift with your department and you will be assigned ...
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    Step 10: Hit the Streets

    Step 10: Hit the Streets
    You’ve finally been cut loose and your FTO is no longer breathing down your back. But you’re still a rookie. Here are some tips that will help you get through your first year: p((. • Ways to Avoid the Top 10 rookie mistakes p((. • What to expect your first few weeks *+Ways to Avoid the Top 10 rookie mistakes+* After ...
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    Ten Steps to Joining the Force - Download the Ebook

    Ten Steps to Joining the Force - Download the Ebook
    Due to popular demand, PoliceLink's Ten Steps to Joining the Force is also available as a downloadable ebook. This color ebook can be downloaded and printed to read at your convenience. Written and reviewed by experts in the law enforcement field, Ten Steps to Joining the Force has over 30 pages of invaluable information to set you on the right path ...
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