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    Departments Hiring Police Officers in June

    Departments around the country are looking for the best qualified law enforcement officers to join the Thin Blue Line. Find your next job by browsing these featured jobs collected for you by PoliceLink staff. Need to customize your search by location or keyword? Start your own local search now. Page 2: Law Enforcement Officers View featured jobs >> Page 3: ...
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    15 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

    1. Why do you want to work in this industry? Bad answer: "I like law enforcement. I think it's really cool." Don't just say you like it. Anyone can "like" law enforcement. Focus instead on your history with the industry, and if you can, tell a story. Good answer: "I have always appreciated and admired those who put their lives on ...
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    10 Highest Paying States for Law Enforcement (2011 Edition)

    10 Highest Paying States for Law Enforcement (2011 Edition)
    We know that you want to be in law enforcement not for the glory, but because it's your call. It's important to remember however that not every state is created equal. When it comes time for a police officer to choose a department there is often a lot to consider. Understanding the overall health and standard of living in each state ...
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    9 Tips for Rookie Success

    Being the new guy isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re entering a group as close-knit as a police force. It can be intimidating and confusing, but don’t let your rookie status stand in the way of success. Check out these 9 tips that can help you succeed as a rookie and grow into a seasoned, knowledgeable veteran. See The List ...
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    5 Rules For Future Cops

    5 Rules For Future Cops
    Growing up, I would always stand in awe and stare every time I saw a police officer. Whether at the mall with my parents, or seeing a squad car driving down the road, Police officers were my heroes. That dark blue uniform, with that shiny badge glistening in the sunlight displayed authority to me, it portrayed the “good guys”, that’s what ...
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    Breaking Into the DEA

    Breaking Into the DEA
    The Drug Enforcement Agency holds some of the most sought-after jobs in the law enforcement field. Started in 1973 by President Richard Nixon, the agency has the duel task of stopping the use of illegal drugs in the U.S., as well as halting drug smuggling from other countries into the U.S. With offices all over the world, the DEA has 10,800 ...
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    How to Break Into the FBI

    As America tries to pull itself out of the biggest recession in decades, job seekers are looking for two things: security and opportunity. What better way to fulfill those two requirements than to apply with the FBI, an organization in charge of America’s security that also happens to be in the middle of a major hiring push? While you don’t exactly ...
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    10 Things I Learned In the Military I Use on the Street

    10 Things I Learned In the Military I Use on the Street
    Are you a military veteran or currently in the military and considering a career in law enforcement?  Are you a current or former member of our armed services, that has a strong desire to be a police officer, state trooper, or sheriff's deputy, but are not quite sure you possess the right skills? Are you an active or former military service ...
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    10 Rules for Police Resumes

    The hiring process used by law enforcement governmental entities differs quite a bit from the private sector.  That divergence in process includes quantity and type of resumes.  As a long-time criminal justice educator and former police chief, I have long counseled aspiring badge bearers on preparing their employment application packets in a bid to grab their coveted law enforcement agency slot. ...
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    From Military to Police: Are You Ready?

    [photo:539281]Are you nearing the end of your military service contract/career and considering a new career in law enforcement? Police Officers and Military Personnel are a special breed of people. For the most part, we have an attraction to action, conflict, and non-simplistic lifestyles where everything can change in a moments notice. We also like working in structured environments where we often ...
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    10 Tricks For Picking the Right Department

    One of the most common questions I get overseeing criminal justice and police academies is from students who want to know what law enforcement agency they should apply to. The answer is not so simple. There have long been a variety of factors to consider when deciding where to apply. This has only become more complicated by the downturn in the ...
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    Avoid the Top 10 Rookie Mistakes

    After riding with your FTO for a few weeks you’ll be cut loose on your own. In larger departments you may have a partner, but usually you will be riding solo. Here are some tips to get a solid footing in your new career. See The List >>> [gate] [page] 10. Most situations will not be how they were described in ...
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    8 Fastest Growing Law Enforcement Careers

    8 Fastest Growing Law Enforcement Careers PoliceLink has reviewed the hundreds of jobs detailed in the government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to bring you this list of what labor expert’s believe to be the fastest growing law enforcement careers of the next decade. Whether you are working to get into law enforcement or want to make sure you are on the right ...
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    Emailing, Texting, Social Networking and Other Ways to Screw Up Your Career

    Emailing, Texting, Social Networking and Other Ways to Screw Up Your Career
    Twelve years ago I got my first departmental email address and thought it was the coolest and most comprehensive electronic communication tool that I would ever use or need. I also assumed it was completely private, belonged only to me and that when I hit “delete” it went away forever. For an oldster who was born prior to 1960, I’ve learned ...
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    How Do I Get Hired In This Economy?

    How Do I Get Hired In This Economy?
    It seems like all we hear in the media is economic doom and gloom. Granted, unemployment is high, layoffs are common, and it’s easy to get discouraged. But it really is possible to get hired, even in this economy. The Reality of a Lousy Economy A bad economy tends to mean a higher crime rate; more crime means more cops. It’s ...
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    Your Written Exam: How To Think Like A Cop

    Preparation for judgment/situational test questions on the police written test may seem daunting, but in reality, you need to capture only one thing -- the mindset of a police officer. Thinking like a police officer is not simple, yet the elements that make up a police officers mindset are simple, straightforward and support effective, correct actions and decisions in situational dilemmas. ...
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    Federal Law Enforcement Hiring: Your Complete Guide

    There are over 88 federal agencies that have some sort of law enforcement or investigative unit. While you may be most familiar with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the U.S. Secret Service, there are tens and thousands more brave citizen that have made the commitment to protect and serve their department, agency, and country. What all these careers ...
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    Top 25 Cities for Police Officers

    Top 25 Cities for Police Officers
    Not every U.S. city is created equal, and so when it comes time for a police officer to choose a department, there can be a lot to consider. Understanding the overall health and standard of living in a city can make a big difference during one's career. A high starting salary can be a major reason for signing on, but will ...
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    Taking the Mystery Out of the Polygraph Test

    Taking the Mystery Out of the Polygraph Test
    A polygraph exam is often a “make or break” part of the police testing process, but it’s often difficult to prepare for and even understand. As Richard Nixon said “I don’t know anything about lie detectors other than they scare the hell out of people!” Polygraph testing is used far more in government pre-employment processes than in the private sector. In ...
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    Eight Ways to Impress the Recruiter

    Eight Ways to Impress the Recruiter
    As a former member of my department’s recruitment team, I’ve seen it all. The best and the worst of potential candidates approach us at career fairs, drop in at the department for a tour or stop by for an application. There are always certain candidates that make us look at our fellow recruiters and say “wow!” There are others that make ...
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