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10 Rules for Police Resumes

Dr. Richard Weinblatt

1. Follow Directions

As with the application packet, if there are any instructions on what information and how to construct the resume, follow them.  As a police chief, I wouldn’t look at what answer the person put down, but how they did so. I did this because our department, and other law enforcement executives, are under the belief that when you apply for a position you are at your most enthusiastic point in your career.  This is the stage that you should be eager to cross every “t” and dot every “i”.  The presumption is that if you aren’t that interested now, what will you be like in a year when you are off of Field Training Officer (FTO) status and out of probation.

For example, if the application directs that two copies of the resume be enclosed with no staple, but rather a paperclip in the top left corner, than that is how they should be included.  If the resume instructions ask for dates in terms of month and year (MM/YYYY), than do that as well.

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