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10 Tricks For Picking the Right Department

Dr. Richard Weinblatt

2) If after all of the above, you are still not sure, you can explore becoming a reserve or volunteer sworn and certified police officer or deputy sheriff. Depending on your state and local jurisdiction’s laws and policies, you may be fully sworn and fully deployed, or you may have more of a support role.

In either scenario, many agencies hire their full-time officers from the pool of reserve officers. The reason is simple. While you are getting a closer look at the agency, they get an opportunity to see you in action over time and don’t have to pay you for the FTO ride time and related expenses (such as benefits) usually incurred with full-time employees.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 5 years ago

    Thank your for your article.

  • Dkpd-daniel_max50


    about 5 years ago


    This is an excellent article and is so on point. It's furher to be undrstood that many departments are going through some major changes i.e. personnel and politics. Many agencies are more into public oppinion and political views than they are about public safety, officer safety and moral.

    There's also a phenomena sweeping law enforcement agencies across the country where policing has become a double edged sword. Not only do you have to be concerned about dealing with the criminals on a daily basis in terms of lawsuits and being criminalized yourself but you have to be concerned about your department throwing you under the bus for discharging your duties as a police officer in the name of politics and promotional gains.

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