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Top 25 Cities for Police Officers

Top 25 Cities for Police Officers

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Not every U.S. city is created equal, and so when it comes time for a police officer to choose a department, there can be a lot to consider.

Understanding the overall health and standard of living in a city can make a big difference during one’s career. A high starting salary can be a major reason for signing on, but will it be worth if if rent dries up most of your pay, unemployment is rising and it takes you two hours to get to the station every morning?

Everything from department funding to the job market for your non-LEO spouse can have an impact on your life, and consequently a review of each prospective new home should be looked at with a wide lens.

So, which cities currently offer the most overall value?

We’ve adapted this list, which takes into account various economic and quality of life metrics, to provide anyone with an interest or opportunity to compare what these cities have to offer.

The Criteria

We looked at cities’ growth rates, average salaries and costs of living.

We factored in average commute time — which, according to experts, has a colossal impact on your overall happiness.

We looked not only at unemployment figures, but also at the rate that unemployment has actually increased since February 2008.

Whether you are just finishing up a degree and looking for a department, or are a seasoned LEO and are simply curious to see where your hometown ranks, read on to see which cities made the list.

The List: City #25 >>

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