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Officer Bruce St Laurent

Created over 4 years ago

Description: For those who knew is a difficult time. Again, for me, I was a single mom with two small children working 16-18 hour days. Doing everything I could to keep my head above water. Bruce and his wife lived next door to us. They watched over us and watched over my daughters when I was at work. Always lending a hand to help out and eyes to watch over. Never asking anything in return......Bruce would always say "that is what we are here for". They didn't have to.........but they did. I guess I am just wondering/hoping that I said thank you enough......that he knew just how much everyone appreciated the hand he was always willing to lend. He took 'serve and protect' to a whole new level......he didn't just live that way in uniform.....he lived that way out of it. He spent his life 10-8. You will never be forgotten...........Thank you again from this single mom!

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