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Rules of combat

Created over 4 years ago

Description: RULES OF COMBAT: 1. The first thing you need be able to recognize is: THAT YOU ARE IN COMBAT. 2. The sooner you learn that the better. 3. If you are going into combat. Do not go alone bring a friend 4. Bring all your friends 5. Bring all your friends that have guns. 6. Have your friends bring all their guns. 7. Have your friends bring all their friends that have guns. 8. Bring that crazy guy who wears a grenade around his neck. 9. If he has a nonimaginary friend bring him and his grenade. 10. Bring more than one gun with you 11. Bring more ammo than the enemy will bring. 12. Bring your Ex or better yet my Ex. 13. Have them bring all their guns 14. “Shoot first, shoot often.” A close friend told me this 15. Never act important (It draws fire and gets those around you really upset at you. They may need a moment.) 16. If you are told you will need ten magazines…carry twenty or more 17. Never believe that a grenades fuse will actually burn for the stated time 18. The enemy will throw your grenades back at you. 19. The dead goat by the side of the road will go boom and even if you survive, you are still covered with dead goat guts. 20. You will get the “runs” the first time you forget T.P. 21. Remember who you ticked off last night 22. If you see your battle buddy about to be captured shoot his captors 23. If your battle buddy is in the process of getting captured again shoot him in the leg, his captors in the head and get a new battle buddy. 24. Pilots can not see what you are wearing. 25. Pilots especially bomber pilots have “Tee” Times they have to meet. 26. Remember Artillery’s battle cry “Shoot some where over there!” 27. Incoming fire has the right of way. 28. The plan is always stupid unless it works, then it’s not. 29. If at first you don’t succeed Air Borne is not for you. 30. The more you train now the more tired you are at the end of the day.. 31. The Armies and Marines gear was made by the lowest bidder, but they still have more cool gear than you, 32. For the first time in history someone with a cellphone can be considered armed and dangerous instead of just a pest. 33. If everything is going as planned your enemy is most probably not involved.. 34. When everything is said and done it is quiet and no one is moving.. 35. Question: How come the enemy never needs to reload? 36. Question: Can we get the Russians to come and take back all their toys? 37. Question: What was I thinking?

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