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September 11

Created over 5 years ago

Description: There are no words to describe the horror of that beautiful warm sunny day. No one except the evildoers knew that our country was going to be attacked. My former home NYC was one of the targets. September 11 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that was inflicted at us by the intolerant sociopath. Somehow it does not feel like it was 10 years. There are times that when I close my eyes I can smell it, feel the ash falling on my face as I was trying desperately to get to the city and do whatever I could to help people, help save lives even just one. I was stopped by the cops and told there is nothing I can do. Since I just missed the Police Academy by a week there was nothing else to do but wait by the phone to hear from friends that worked in the towers. I was mad that I did not put my application one week earlier,later on my family told me that probably if I did I would probably be dead.

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