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RPD Officer Anthony DiPonzio assailant convicted / Back on Duty

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Description: Anthony DiPonzio triumphantly walked out of Unity Hospital on Wednesday morning, almost two months to the day after the Rochester police officer was shot in the head while on duty. Police officers saluted DiPonzio, who was wearing a white helmet, as he walked through the sliding doors of Unity St. Mary's in Rochester. DiPonzio was helped into a police SUV, and a full police escort will take him to his parents' home in Greece. When the SUV pulled away, the applause was thunderous. Cheers were heard. DiPonzio was shot in the head on Dayton Street in Rochester back in January of 2009. Several of his fellow officers, paramedics, and neurosurgeons are credited with saving his life. Personal note: I have included local media reporting to show the attempt to deflect responsiblity for this crime as well as the coverage of Tony. You will note Tony is wearing a protective helmet. Surgeons had to remove a section of his skull to allow for swelling to reduce during his recovery. It was only in July 2009 that this was repaired for what hopefully is Tony's final surgery. The Rivera trial began 9/1/09 and I will update the general news and this album as developments occur. 9/4/09 - RIVERA GUILTY ON 2 COUNTS - 1ST DEGREE ASSAULT AND 2ND DEGREE ATTEMPTED MURDER. SENTENCING ON OCT. 15TH. Rochester, NY 10/15/09 -- It was a packed courtroom today for the sentencing of 15-year-old Tyquan Rivera, convicted of shooting Rochester Police Officer Anthony DiPonzio in the head last January. Rivera was given the maximum three and a third to 10 years in prison and told the court once again, that he was not the shooter. ********************************************************************************************************************* 4/23/10 - Anthony DiPonzio a finalist on AMW All Star 2010 please stop by the site and cast your vote ! ******************************************************************************************************* 05/11/10 - Rochester police Officer Anthony DiPonzio returned to Rochester General Hospital Monday to thank the doctors and staff for saving his life after he was shot in the head in the line of duty in January 2009. ******************************************************** Updated at: 11/02/2011 8:12 PM By: Lynette Adams | First it was a miracle he survived being shot in the head, then it was amazing to see him walk and talk again, now a major milestone for Rochester Police Officer Anthony DiPonzio. On Monday, he goes back to work nearly three years since being shot.” “I can remember waking up in the hospital and immediately my mind was I want to go back to work, I don't care that I was just shot on duty. I want to go back to work. I love my job that much.” Wednesday morning on the Bob Lonsberry Show, DiPonzio talked about what it’s taken to get here. On Monday he will return to the Rochester Police Department. It has been his goal since January 31, 200 – the night he shot in the back of the head while on duty. Doctors didn't even expect him to make it through the night but he has not only beaten the odds, he has shocked and amazed this community, his colleagues even the doctors.

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