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Walther PP WWII

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Description: Inherited from my Granddad, this 7.65 mm (.32ACP) Walther PP is all original with the exception of the recently replaced firing pin. I found some minute areas of surface rust under the original wood grips that came off without pitting. I even have the original magzine with the Walther stamp/banner. Research on the web points that this weapon was manufactured in Germany during WWII and "liberated" by GIs. The rough fit and finish, as well as the mismatch serial numbers (although close), suggest this is the case. It was given to my Granddad as a gift from a soldier returning to England before he returned home himself. I fired it today for the first time in at least 40 years, possibly the 60+ years since it came stateside just post WWII. I put 43 rounds through (total) without misfeed/malfunction. Thanks to Gene Shuey for pointing me in the right direction as far as "waking her back up". Thanks Granddad for leaving me a cool little Walther!

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