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Letter to the President

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Description: This is a letter my daughter sent to the President April 2001 She totally amazed me with her words and concern for Law Enforcement Members. Dear President Bush My name is _____ K____and I am 10 years old. I am the daughter of a police detective and was wondering why doesn’t government recognize police as they do war veterans. I truly respect all war veterans of this country as well as all police in this country. I find it difficult that this country doesn’t provide medical services for the police in the same way it does our veterans. It would be nice for our country to respect the police the same way as it does our heros of all wars for this country. The police fight a daily war on our streets and many lose their lives or are injured in the line of duty. War is declared when our military fights for our country and nothing is ever declared when the police fight for our communities, cities and states. There are thousands of police who lost their lives fighting for the rights of our people. Mr. President please help our police departments with providing a United States Law Enforcement Veterans Organization, which can provide medical assistance for our heros in this great country. I am in no way comparing the veterans of war to the police, but I believe that the police are also veterans of war in our communities. I don’t believe that there is much difference in the types of war that the police and veterans have fought and are still fighting, but the war on our streets will never end. The police will continue to fight for our wellbeing and our rights for protection against the criminals in this country. I would be very pleased if you, Mr. President, would help our police with medical assistance in the same way as our great country does for our war heros. Mr. President, my dad is a single parent who raises me and my 14 year old brother and works many of overtime hours to pay our bills and protects our Great State of Louisiana. It would be nice if our country would show more respect for men and women that serve in our GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY! Sincerely _____ K_____ PS….PLEASE READ THIS LETTER AND THANK YOU GOD BLESS THE USA

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